Asbestos Encapsulation Liverpool

What is asbestos encapsulation?

Modern Hygiene Ltd can treat certain asbestos containing materials on site with a technique called Asbestos Encapsulation, in some cases this can be offered as an alternative to expensive and potentially harmful asbestos removal. A concern of the Health & Safety Executive states that removing these materials involves high risk, both during the removal process and the disposal. There are certain situations where removing asbestos may not be the best option. Encapsulation is a method of treating and coating the materials so that fibres cannot escape into the atmosphere. In some instances, encapsulation is the safer and more cost-effective option and it is much less disruptive to the occupants of a building. Asbestos encapsulation could be the safest solution to protecting your building from the dangerous asbestos fibres.

Management Plan

Everyone who has asbestos in a building must have a management plan. Before arranging for any work to be done you should start by writing an ‘Asbestos Management Plan’. The plan must say who is responsible for what. It can be written or held as a computer-based record. Make it easy to read and easy to find when you, or anyone else, needs it. It must be easy to update More information can be found at-

Your plan should include:

  • Who is responsible for managing asbestos;
  • The asbestos register you have just made;
  • Plans for work on asbestos materials;
  • The schedule for monitoring the materials’ condition; and
  • Telling people about your decisions.

Reasons to encapsulate rather than remove are varied but here are a few examples that can be used on an Asbestos Plan:

  • Better for the environment as no fibres are released
  • The area where the asbestos is may be inaccessible
  • Removal needs to have areas vacated- encapsulation can be performed without evacuation
  • The sealing of the asbestos reduces the health risk
  • In most instances it is a cheaper option

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